Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Volunteering as Student Nurses

Volunteering is often not a task that student nurses need to be told to do. We just do it. Whether it’s helping out a family member, neighbor, friend or classmate, we tend to jump right in and do what needs to be done. Going into the nursing profession we generally already have the innate urge to do good and even seek out those opportunities willingly. So why am I even talking about this?

There is another level of volunteering that needs our help. It is the area of private non-profit organizations and groups that often go understaffed and overworked. These are the homeless shelters, Boys and Girls Clubs, Volunteers of America and so on. There are even many great opportunities to go overseas as a student nurse during the summer and assist in other needy areas of the world. The Red Cross is another great organization to become a part of. You can learn great skills in disaster preparedness for your community and maybe even teach some classes in your area. This is valuable experience that you can apply to your nursing career.

Volunteering not only allows you the great opportunity to give back to your fellow humans, but it also allows you to build upon your basic nursing skills and reminds us that volunteering is truly the core of being a nurse. It can connect you to your community to build lasting relationships as you continue to grow into a respected nurse and neighbor.

I would love to hear of some more organizations to support as a student nurse. Any thoughts or personal stories would be appreciated!


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